Generac Guardian RV Generator

Guardian's RV Generators

The Guardian line of RV generators consists of 3 good series, each designed for specific power loads and applications. A Guardian RV power generator is a good product because the Generac Guardian line creates useful generators for different purposes. Guardian is the Generac product line that focuses on power generators and their RV ones have very useful features and lifetimes. Guardian also has a wide variety of service centers across the US so that any problems arising for RV travelers can get resolved. The Guardian line of RV generators includes the IMPACT® series, the QUIETPACT® Series, and the PRIMEPACT® Series.

Guardian IMPACT® RV Generator

The Guardian IMPACT® RV Generator series comes in two models, the 36G plus II and the 36LP plus II. The IMPACT® series is designed for smaller RV applications including truck campers and smaller class RVs. The generator is computer controlled and is very compact. The engine consists of a single cylinder Generac OHVI. The difference between the two models is the way they are fueled. One is fueled with gasoline with a wattage rating of 3600 while the other is fueled with liquid propane with a wattage rating of 3400. Prices found on web price comparisons start at $1,795.99 and can range to over $2,500.

Guardian PRIMEPACT® RV Generator

The Guardian PRIMEPACT® RV Generator series is designed for more powerful RV requirements like highline class c and A motor homes with dual roof air conditioning. This Guardian generator series provides more electrical power and comes in two models, the 50G and the 50 LP. Both provide sing cylinder Generac OHVI engines. The 50G is fueled by gasoline and has a wattage rating of 4800 while the 50LP is liquid propane fueled with a wattage rating of 4500. Some of the lowest prices found on the net are $1,699.99 for the gasoline fueled model and $1,799.99 for the liquid propane fueled model. The PRIMEPACT® series provides more power than the IMPACT® but is not computer controlled and loses some features over that model.

Guardian QUIETPACT® RV Generator

The Guardian PRIMEPACT® RV Generator is a more robust series that ranges in wattage rating and applications. This set of Guardian RV generators is fully enclosed much like many home standby generators, has a muffler for noise reduction, and a very accessible service panel for quick maintenance issues. The QUIETPACT® RV Generator series consists of 8 models. The 40G is the only model with a one cylinder engine fueled with gasoline with the lowest wattage rating of 3600. The 55G, 55LP, 65G, and 65LP are all two cylinder Generac OHVI engines with wattage ratings of 5500 for the 55G and 55LP and 6500 for the 65G and 65LP. The PRIMEPACT® series also has a set of 7500 wattage generators as well. The 75G and 75LP both have wattage ratings of 7500 with two cylinder OHVI engines. The 75D is a diesel fueled Guardian QUIETPACT® RV Generator that is fueled with diesel and has a 3 cylinder diesel engine suitable for class A application and performance. The prices for these models will vary according to wattage rating and fuel types.

Guardian's Standard RV Generator Warranty

ALl Guardian RV generators come with a standard 3 year warranty providing 100% parts and labor for the first year on all engine and alternator parts. View Guadian's RV warranty here. Guardian also offers product manuals for all RV generators which poweredgenerators.com will hope to provide onsite in the future.